The Valuetag Android App is a fun, fast & convenient way to access online stores & gets the best deals. It is an awesome way to browse items through smartphone and get the best prices & deals on the go, over the web. Through this app you can easily save your time & money while shopping online by automated price comparisons. It notifies you of the best bargains and gets the best offers on the web with a single tap or click. The best prices are checked and compared in real-time.

This app is compatible with all your devices.

ou can download the VALUETAG ANDROID APP from the Google Play Store. After installation open the application by tapping on the Valuetag app icon. As app opens, a UI gets displayed in front of you just like the image showing in left hand side.
In the front panel there are three options:

  • Search button: Through this option you can easily search the product by typing text.
  • Scan button: Just scan the barcode of any product to get its best deals.
  • List view: Visit various e-commerce websites by tapping their icons or inputting the URL at the top bar. "What is this about?"

As the web pages load the "best price" tag appears at the top-right corner of the product image. By clicking on the "best price" tag a new dialog box pops up in front of you displaying the best offers related to the product in real time from various online stores. "Best Price" tag displays a set of results in a separate dialog box that suggests you the number of best results that are available for the product in real time. You can now get the best deals with reviews and also go ahead and explore some related products as well. Now, as you have got the best offer for the searched product, you can click on the specified best offer and it will redirect to the corresponding eCommerce web portal, where you can view the full details & specifications about the searched product.

Valuetag app has an in-built barcode scanner that scans the barcode of a product & displays the details of the same and similar products along with their reviews and price comparisons in competing online stores. How to use the barcode feature? Place the barcode of the product in the rectangle as shown in the left hand side. It automatically starts scanning the barcode & shows the results.

This app is compatible with all your devices.

In the picture price comparisons of Lays potato chips with similar products is being shown. This awesome feature not only lets a user to see the price comparisons of products, but also enables the user to check the reviews of similar products. Just installing the Valuetag app on your smartphone or tablet can do all this. Check out this app to make your shopping great fun and budget friendly.

This app is compatible with all your devices.

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